• Growth Groups

    Growing spiritually together through fellowship

    Connect with people in your church.

    Meet in a home each week for 10 weeks.

    Enjoy a time of discussion and prayer with fun and fellowship included.

    Groups meet for three sessions per year. There are breaks after each session, and we take the summer off.

    For more information, contact Steve Nothern stevenwnothern@yahoo.com 1-760-207-1354.

    Winter quarter begins the week of January 12th.

  • Wilson Growth Group  


    Facilitator: Tom Wilson    

    Host: Tom & Sheri Wilson     

  • Dore growth group

    Sundays @ 

    Facilitator: Rob Dore

    Hosts: Mike & Alisa Allen

  • Kahlor Growth Group


    Facilitators: Ryan Kahlor

    Hosts: Steve & Karen Butler

  • Mason Growth Group  


    Facilitator: Bill Mason

    Hosts: Dennis & Bunny Meharry

  • Gaylord Growth Group  


    Facilitators: Jim & Debbie Gaylord

    Hosts: Jim & Debbie Gaylord

  • Bladow growth group


    Facilitator: Nicolle Bladow

    Host: Battle Ground Starbucks

  • Rinta Growth Group


    Facilitator: TBD

    Host: Carolyn Rinta

  • Adams Growth Group


    Facilitators: Marshall & Flora Adams

    Hosts: Marshall & Flora Adams