Yacolt Worship Team exists to...

  • Unify the musicians and congregation in worship to God through music and song
  • Facilitate cheerful, whole-hearted worship in Spirit and in Truth
  • Eliminate distractions of preference, personality or ego in order to bring all glory to God

Worship Team Schedule

If you are scheduled for a Sunday  morning, plan on being at the rehearsal on the calendar, the week before. (if you can't make it, let Noah Miller know.)

Purpose: Psalm  34:3

  1. Lord - Our purpose is to magnify our great God!
  2. Lead - Our purpose is to lead the congregation in skillful worship!
  3. Congregation - Our purpose is unify the congregation in joyful praise of our Creator!

Join Our Team!

Without servant-hearted folks we wouldn't have a worship team!


We only ask that our band members be:

1) Active Christ-followers and believers

2) Skillful in instrument or voice, or willing to learn!

3) Active church participant at YCC

4) Friendly, kind and team-oriented

If you are thinking about helping out, please contact Noah Miller

Meet Our Team!

Below are some of the folks you will see serving the Lord with music at our services (coming soon!)

  • Bill Douglas

    I've had the pleasure of being a part of the worship ministry for the last 5 years. Other than being highly skilled at the Oamatone, I enjoy playing acoustic guitar and bass.

  • Noah Miller

    Hello! I have been serving as the worship director intern here at YCC since February 2018. My passion is for music, specifically in the context of worship ministry. you can contact me anytime at noah@yacoltcc.org.

  • Carrie Bladow

    Singing and  playing the keyboard is what I like to do. I am privileged to be part of a team whose goal is to worship in spirit and truth. Worship is an expression of my love for my savior.

  • Bob Vogel