If there is a need in your life, YCC wants to help! 

Our elders, deacons and congregation regularly come along side the community and each other during the tough times in life. Please fill out one of the forms below so that we know how to help you! 

Prayer Requests

Please use the form here to let us know how we can pray for you! 


At YCC our staff and elders are eager, willing and capable to provide short-term or life-crisis counseling. If you need a meeting with pastoral staff, please reach out to us at office@yacoltcc.org and we will help in any way we can!

Sometimes an individual's or families' needs will exceed what the church is able to offer, and for those times YCC has partnered with His Heart Foundation. His Heart Foundation (HHF) is an organization with a vast network of vetted, bible-believing, faith-based counselors who hold the degrees, licenses and certificates necessary to provide professional counseling. HHF also facilitates finding counselors that work with the counselee's insurance or budget needs, to create a stress-free environment for growth and healing. To request a referral from HHF, please use the link below. 

His Heart Foundation Referral Service

Job help & Requests

Please use the form here to let us know about job assistance needs we can help with! 

Financial Needs

Please fill out the form here for financial assistance. 

Want to help?

Please fill out this form to let our deacons and elder know about your availability!